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Series 3411LG - BPL

By-Pass Level Indicator Side-Mounted / Top-Mounted

The Series 3411LG BPL By-Pass Level Indicator is a versatile product that can be mounted either on the side or top of a container. It provides reliable level indication, useful in industries such as waste management, water treatment, and oil and gas. Its clear indication makes it user-friendly and dependable for a variety of applications.



  • Enhanced protection due to metallic chamber
  • Can be used for the level measurement of the atmospheric & pressurized conditions
  • Beter reliability at high temperatures & pressure
  • Clear visibility of level for a longer duration
  • Easy to set contacts at different desired levels (optional)
  • Transmitter output 4 - 20 MA (optional)


  • Processing tanks & under ground tanks
  • Pharmaceutical & beverage plants
  • Custody transfer
  • Chemical & fertilizer plant

Working Principle & Operation

The magnetic level gauge consists of a float containing a properly centered special magnet, which has greater magnetizing force than the outside-mounted flapper magnet of the indicator system. Attached to the chamber is a series of bi-colored flappers each containing a magnet.

As the liquid rises in the tank or vessel the same level comes in the float chamber, due to buoyancy force flow starts moving within the chamber, which causes the bi-colored flapper to flip to the opposite sides or 180°, providing a visual display of the liquid and protects against the false actuation.


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