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Series 3411LG - FB

Level Indicator Float and Board

The Series 3411LG FB Level Indicator employs a basic but effective float and board design to provide accurate level indication. This tool is particularly suited for water treatment plants, chemical processing industries, and even small-scale applications such as home water tanks and reservoirs. It is an efficient solution for tanks of various sizes.



  • Dust-proof pulley housing
  • Guided & unguided construction available
  • Polypropylene construction for chemical applications
  • Sleek float with a large diameter for higher accuracy


  • Over-ground / overhead storage tanks
  • Water / DM water storage tanks
  • Storage tanks for oil & petroleum products
  • All non-hazardous & non-pressurized tanks

Working Principle & Operation

It works on the principle of buoyancy and consists of an aluminum scale board, which is mounted on the side of the tank with brackets.

As the liquid rises in the tank, the float in the tank also rises up, in turn moving the pointer on the scale. The float is connected to the pointer with a wire rope that glides over almost frictionless nylon rollers, thereby ensuring a trouble-free operation.

Float & Board level IndicatorMechanical level indicators are widely used for oil tanks and large acid tanks wherein there is not much pressure i.e. non pressurized tanks based on a simple rope and float principle.


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