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Series 2211ACC - SYP Model

Siphon All Stainless Steel

The SERIES 2211ACC - SYP Siphon is an all-stainless-steel device designed to protect pressure gauges from high-temperature process media. By forming a cooling loop, it prevents hot media from directly contacting the pressure gauge. This siphon is frequently used in steam systems and applications involving hot process fluids, such as boiler houses or steam generation plants.

Series 2211ACC - SYP Model Siphon All Stainless Steel


  • Pigtail, Coil, and “U” type shapes
  • Maximum temperature up to 400 °C
  • Nominal pressure up to 160 kg/cm²
  • TIG welded & hydro tested
  • Made with seamless pipes


  • Siphons are used mainly to protect pressure instruments, gauges, switches and transmitters directly coming in contact with high-temperature process fluids or vapours.
  • These are mounted between the process and pressure instrument
  • They reduce process pulsation and generate a cooling effect to save the instrument


Series 2211ACC - SYP Model Siphon All Stainless SteelInquire
Series 2211ACC - SYP Model Siphon All Stainless Steel
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