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Series 2511TW - BSF

Thermowells Bar Stock (Flanged)

The Series 2511TW : BSF is a Thermowell designed for applications that require handling of higher pressures. With its flanged bar stock design, it facilitates seamless integration into piping systems, making it ideal for use in heavy industries like oil and gas or petrochemicals.

Series 2511TW - BSF Thermowells Bar stock (Flanged)


  • Design as per PTC 19.3
  • These thermowells are manufactured from solid bar stock and installed into the process by using a flanged connection
  • This design is suitable for all types of RTDs, thermocouples, mechanical as well as digital thermometers
  • Full penetration welded
  • Available in various shapes like straight, straight with reduced tip, partial taper & full taper
  • All type of flanges and flange facings are available as per ANSI / DIN/ JIS & BS


  • Chemical plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Engineering plants
  • Onshore
  • Offshore
  • Other similar process industries


Series 2511TW - BSF Thermowells Bar stock (Flanged)Inquire
Series 2511TW - BSF Thermowells Bar stock (Flanged)
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