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Series 7200DS - ENT Model

Diaphragm Seal Extended Neck Type

The Series 7200DS : ENT is an Extended Neck Type Diaphragm Seal. Offering increased flexibility in process measurement by extending the diaphragm away from the process connection, this model is perfect for applications where temperature, viscosity, or other concerns might hinder a standard seal, like in food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries.

Series 7200DS - ENT Diaphragm Seal Extended Neck Type


  • All SS 316 construcion
  • Deal for slurry / high viscous fluids
  • Flange & diaphragm are available in various type of SS & exotic materials


  • Diaphragm seals are provided in the instruments like pressure gauges, switches, transmitters in order to isolate the sensing element from the main service due to its corrosive, viscous, and sedimented nature and to avoid clogging and solidification
  • These kinds of seals are widely used in viscous & corrosive services where flushing is required periodically & frequently


Series 7200DS - ENT Diaphragm Seal Extended Neck TypeInquire
Series 7200DS - ENT Diaphragm Seal Extended Neck Type
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